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  1. ThomasArrigo, L.K., Mikutta, C., Byrne, J., Barmettler, K., Kappler, A., and Kretzschmar. R.: Iron and Arsenic Speciation in Organic Flocs from Streambeds of an Arsenic-enriched Peatland. (submitted)
  2. Jiskra, M., Saile, D., Wiederhold, J.G., Bourdon, B., Björn, E., and Kretzschmar, R.: Kinetics of Hg(II) exchange between organic ligands, goethite, and natural organic matter studied with an enriched stable isotope approach. (submitted)
  3. Smith, R.S., Wiederhold, J.G., Jew, A.D., Brown, G.E. Jr., Bourdon, B., and Kretzschmar, R.: Stable Hg isotope signatures in creek sediments impacted
    by a former Hg mine. (submitted)
  4. Mikutta, C., Mandaliev, P.N., Mahler, N., Kotsev, T., and Kretzschmar, R.: Bioaccessibility of arsenic in mining-impacted circumneutral river floodplain soils. (submitted)
  5. Ehlert, K., Mikutta, C., and Kretzschmar, R.: Impact of birnessite on arsenic and iron speciation during microbial reduction of arsenic-bearing ferrihydrite. Environ. Sci. Technol. (accepted)
  6. Hofacker, A.F., Behrens, S., Voegelin, A., Kaegi, R. Lösekann-Behrens, T., Kappler, A., and Kretzschmar, R. (2014): Clostridium species as metallic copper forming bacteria in soil under reducing conditions. Geomicrobiol. J. (accepted)

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